Publish books faster with the cloud based automated platform

Editing and typesetting books will never be a time-consuming task again with 3CM’s. The automated cloud-based platform allows you to manage, modify, and typeset books in real-time from wherever you are and in the exact format that you require. By reducing manual intervention, you are able to free up your team’s time and increase productivity.

What is BooKish?

A cloud-based publishing platform for building books automatically

Round Trip XML

Round Trip XML

As you focus on your book’s content, Bookish will automatically generate primary, secondary, and tertiary indexes based on your template.

Real-time editing and collaboration

Edit your books and collaborate with your team in real-time as you check for grammar, sentence structures, and anything else — All through a single application.

Real-time editing
Quick Author Proofing

Quick Author proofing and commenting

By logging into Bookish, author’s can easily review and proof the content to make corrections online.

Multiple outputs

Download your typeset book in any format you need, including XML, web PDF, Print PDF, ePub, and Mobi

Multiple Outputs

Simplify your book formatting process

At 3CM, we have specifically developed Bookish to reduce the time it takes to format and typeset every book allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of your book — The content.

The cloud-based platform helps you access and edit your books from any device, and review books on the go.


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Online Author Proofing
Online Copy Editing
Online Editor
Reference Markup
Index Generation
Book Building
Multiple Outputs

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Round Trip XML Online Editing Quick Author Proofing