Automatically create stunning travel guides

Creating a travel guide for different places around the world is an exciting experience, but formatting and customizing the guide can end up taking a majority of your time. With 3CM’s Travelfy Platform, you are able to quickly edit travel guides, create customized templates, and integrate images, videos, or Google maps.

What is TRAVELfy?

An automated Publishing Platform with all the features you require to design amazing travel guides


Online Editing

With the online editing platform, you can proofread and easily modify travel guides as all the changes get automatically saved.

Integrate Google Maps

Provide accurate location details in your travel guides by seamlessly integrating it with Google Maps in just a few clicks.


Video embedding and image Pop up

Give your readers a more engrossing experience when they read your travel guides by embedding videos and images.

Multiple outputs

Travelfy supports multiple formats allowing you to download your finished and typeset travel guide in any of the required formats. Download it in a fixed ePub layout, PDF, or a print ready format.


Save time and costs in formatting travel guides

With an intuitive interface, Travelfy increases productivity and saves time by automatically formatting your travel guides. The hassle-free template creation process allows you to save different templates and use them any time so that you wouldn’t have to start the process from scratch — You can just select a template and ad information. Once your travel guide is ready for the public, you can download it in a fixed ePub layout, PDF, or a print ready format


Travel guide
Online Author Proofing
Online Copy Edting
Online Editor
Reference mark up
Multi-user editing
Index Generation
Book Building
Fixed Layout epub with Interactivity
Multiple output- XML, PRINT PDF, WEB pdf.

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