Convert and format your documents at lightning fast speed

With DigiCon by your side, you no longer need to use multiple platform to convert different documents. Whether its a Word to Word conversion, Word to ePub/XML conversion, or PDF to ePuB, DigiCon can help you with just about everything.

What is DigiCon?

An automatic platform that takes care of all your conversion needs


Auto structuring

Identifies each and every environment in the word document and apply markup as per the formatting and output requirement.

Customized formatting

Review and change the style or text formatting right in DigiCon Editor before you finally convert them — all in just a few clicks.


Direct cross linking

Cross link any figures, tables, or references with the content in your documents, automatically with DigiCon.

Multiple outputs

DigiCon supports several formats including Word, PDF, ePDF, ePUB, and XML.


Converting documents just got easier

DigiCon is way more powerful than your average document conversion platform. To ensure your files are converted accurately, it supports customized structuring, formatting, and even cross linking. For Word to ePub/XML conversion.

The cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere you are, which means you will never lose any document, ever again.


Conversion into Multiple Digital formats
Auto Structuring
Customize formatting as per specification
Structured Word for brail Conversion
Customized CSS
Math to MathML & LaTeX conversion
Customized Cross Linking
Device friendly
Toc linking
Index Linking

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