Why Moving To An Automated Publishing

Why Moving To An Automated Publishing

The days where documents were published only in print form are long gone. In this new era of technology, it has become important to reach out to your target audience in as many ways as possible. However, using traditional publishing methods, content brands struggle to publish information across various platforms- print, web and digital devices. It is not only time consuming to copy paste the content from one format to another but it also brings up the costs of an organization.

Cross-media publishing has been talked ever since the advent of internet in the mid 1990’s. However, cross-media publishing has now taken on a greater meaning. To publish effectively across various platforms, you need a strategic approach that smoothly and quickly simplifies your business operations.

Here are 7 reasons of how you can benefit from a cross media publishing platform:

Automated Creation of Publications : An automated publishing platform manages your content in a way that you need to just create it once and it will publish in all your prefered formats. A cloud based platform automates the process either by extracting the print content and converting into various formats or by creating an XML format and automatically publishing in other formats.

Increased Security : A cloud-based publishing platform securely and carefully saves all your data on a cloud-based platform through which you can access your data from anywhere at anytime.

Real-time Collaboration : With an automated publishing platform you can edit and view your documents anytime and anywhere. This improves the overall productivity of an organization by collaborating with your team in real-time.

Maximizes the value of your Content : The new age of technology has made it possible to access content through various media channels. A cross media publishing platform, simplifies the entire publishing process thus providing new opportunities for content creators to innovate and create engaging content for their readers.

Accelerates your Publishing Process : The adoption of digital publishing accelerates the content management process thus reducing the time it takes to format,typeset or edit books,journals or any other digital formats.

Consistent Corporate Design : When you use traditional publishing there is a visible inconsistency in your content across various platforms like print, web, mobile or PDF. However, through automated publishing, there is a seamless and consistent design across all your content.

Conversion into Different Formats : An automated publishing platform transforms the traditional publishing process and brings down operational costs. Whether you need to typeset and convert a Travel Book, Journal, School Book, or any other book, it can all be done with the help of the cloud based platform.

Upgrading to automated publishing from traditional publishing can eliminate all your content management worries and transform your business. This platform securely saves all your documents, helps in real-time collaboration, and seamlessly creates, manages and tracks different versions of your documents in just a few clicks.

3ClicksMaster offers a full range of publishing services so that your team is able to focus on the most important part of the books – The content. Our dynamic and intuitive platform ensures you always meet your publishing deadlines.

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